I have so much love for the city– so many good memories. These are a few of the hotspots that I recommend to friends whenever they are in town.

NYC always calls for darker colors and makes dressing up more fun

Barneys – barneys.com

Forget Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Harrods, London has nothing on NYC when it comes to department stores. Barneys is the be all and end all when it comes to menswear too – they have everything. You’ve got Gucci, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga to your Off White, Comme Des Garcons, ACNE Studios and even your Gosha Rubchinsky, Fear of God and your ACW. I was literally gob smacked by the sheer volume of how many designers they had, how nicely the store was laid out and the buy itself. Great pieces, great designers – definitely a place to stop by if you’re into high end.

KITH – kith.com

Kith was top of the list of places for me to visit when in NYC, although it was way too cold to grab an ice cream for their ice cream bar I could at least appreciate the interiors. Kiths design is intense, a Hypebeast heaven, the brands they stock are more streetwear focused than the selection in Barneys but still a great selection nonetheless. Sneakers, clothing and some lifestyle along with great installations Kith is definitely not a place to miss when you visit.

Besides shopping, my favorite thing to do in NYC is EAT! Pasta for lunch, pasta for dinner, bellinis and rosé at every meal, and late night pizza obviously! It’s a complete foodie adventure from the second I land in there! Here are some of my favorite go-to restaurants that you should try next time you’re there::

Cipriani Downtown — Euro fun crowd, best pastas (the penne pomodoro is my favorite), best chicken curry with rice, best bellinis, and best vanilla meringue cake ever!

Cafe Gitane — The avocado toast is the best ever, discovered it when no one was eating avocado toast, and then couscous with chicken is a must try!

Rubirosa — My favorite meatballs and pizza EVER. Casual but so so delicious. The Vodka Pizza is the best

Mercer Kitchen — The salmon on crispy rice is the BEST THING EVER, I always get an extra side of spicy mayo with it obviously.

Sadelles — The newest, hippest, trendiest brunch spot in soho, from the Torrisi / Parm guys. Just get the bagel and lox and let me know if you’re still breathing after the deliciousness

Carbone — Another one from the Torrisi guys, just get the spicy rigatoni, A LOT OF IT! And the meatballs! (I’m obsessed with meatballs if you can’t tell…)

Bilboquet — Get the cajun chicken, it is nexttttt level amazing. And the weekend brunch is so fun (cheesy but fun!)

Sushi of Gari — Honestly this is my favroite sushi ever. Get the salmon tomato sushi, tuna yuki sushi, red snapper salad sushi, toro sushi, yellow tail jalepeno sushi, fluke with quail egg sushi, and the spicy tuna cut roll

Sushi Seki — the musts are the salmon tomatoe and the spicy scallop hand roll

Freds at Barneys — Shop and eat perfection, great salads and fries

Nellos — Most overpriced Italian food ever, but most fun for Upper East Side people watching!

Locande Verde — I honestly just go for the whipped ricotta and honey toast. Mmmmm.

Cafeteria cafeteriagroup.com

My friend Wael who lives in NYC suggested we head to Cafeteria for ‘brunch’ kind of food and it did not disappoint, their menu had loads of choice and the Avocado eggs Benedict was on point. The interior is a bright white and the bathroom was certainly interesting, go check it out and you’ll understand.

Maxwells Chophouse maxwellschophouse.com

Me and Sarah were invited to a Great Gatsby themed dinner at Maxwells Chophouse in celebration of Lionel Richie Homeware (here). The food was insane – as an appetiser they put crispy bacon strips in little buckets as if they were fries?! We then moved onto a seafood medley of Lobster and Oysters followed by Steak and it’s ultra-luxurious interiors definitely give a decadent Gatsby vibe.

Mercer Street Kitchen themercerkitchen.com

We came here in the hopes of an Instagrammable lunch date but that’s only if you’re lucky enough to grab a spot in the cafe above (walk ins only!) – however, don’t be disappointed if you don’t because the food is incredible no matter where you sit. I had angel hair pasta with meatballs and I think it’s the best pasta dish I’ve ever had. Definitely go here!

Stanton Social thestantonsocial.com

This place was recommended to me by my friend Darren and I’m so so glad we managed to book a table. Famous for their french onion soup dumplings (which were incredible) their eclectic menu of small plates surprised me so much and had me wanting to go back for more.

Beauty and Essex beautyandessex.com

In my eyes this was the place to go in NYC, Like a speakeasy, hidden behind a pawn brokers Beauty & Essex makes you feel special even before tasting the food. The exclusive-kind of feeling you get when entering lingers with you the whole meal, It’s hidden, some people don’t know about it yet and the food was delicious. I had the Beauty and Essex burger and it was epic – you have to go here if you’re visiting.

Sweets By CHLOE eatbychloe.com

Vegan? Yes. Tasty? Yes. Instagrammable? Hell Yes. Get the peanut butter hot chocolate and a peanut butter jelly cupcake. If you like Peanut butter that is. Whatever you like, you’ll find something you like here. (see image below for hilarious neon sign goals).


Polo Bar — Just the most chic. Good burger.

Artichoke pizza — Strictly a 2 or 4 am ritual. Just get the artichoke pizza and thank me later

Agata and Valentina — I never knew that I liked rainbow cookies before I tried the ones from here… they’re amazing.

Levain Bakery — BEST cookies on this planet. They’re not even cookies, they’re some other sort of magic.

  • Taylor Goldblatt