+ Dining in your favorite store

From having macaroons at the laduree in Harrods to afternoon tea inside the Hermès in Paris or atop Bergdorf Goodman with a view overlooking Central Park, there’s no doubt that you’ll leave feeling sleek and inspired. Or better yet, stop by the legendary Fifth Avenue Tiffany and Co to try out their all new breakfast at Tiffany’s, finally living up to the stores namesake. Try out the new Gucci restaurant in Milan. They’re getting ready to open the famed French eatery L’Avenue in September 2018 in the Saks Fifyh Avenue flagship in NY. World class cruisine mixed with an impeccable atmosphere appointed by your favorite store, all while dressed in your

Kourtney & Co.

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+ Visit a shrine to your favorite brand

When the Louis Vuitton “Volez Voyages” traveling exhibit came to NY it gave me the opportunity to get reaquianted with a brand that I had long overlooked. Seeing the deep history of the brand and seing pieces in person from limited collection which I had only seen on the arms of celebrities or on Instagram really gave me the goosies. To put it quite bluntly, I was flat out shook by the sight of a LV x Supreme trunk collab there before my very eyes. While this league of the traveling exhibit it now permanently closed, there are still a number of other ways to come face to face with your favorite brand as Ana alternative to a typical storefront. Take the Gucci Museum for instance or the LV one in Paris. Visit the Christian Dior Museum, th balenciaga Museum  and Garden in Granville France it the Ferragamo MuseumEven Prada Marfa tucked away in rural Texas.

+ Getting a piece that’s been customized for you

Whethet it’s a Cartier diamond ring engraved with your initials, a signed louboutin from Christian himself or simply a customized suit that perfectly outlines and elevates your figure, there’s nothing like owning a piece thats been customized for you. I even own a bobble head of me in my favorite outfit. Gucci also has a nice custom program where they’ll put your initials on the outside of an ace sneaker or on the inside of a Princeton slipper.

+ Shopping in the place of your wildest dreams

Whether it’s having stars on the ceiling for your vacay by renting a Rolls to pop out for your first step ever on rodeo drive or touching down in Paris, private, without coming in with any kind of preset budget, there’s no doubt that the experience in buying the item is what truly brings the most excitement before eventually tucking it away in the back of your closet long forgotten.

+ Attend Fashion week

New York, London, Milan and Paris are best known for their killer fashion weeks. Get your eyes fooled with the star sightings and inspiration from all the whose who from top models on the runway to bloggers and columnist in the audience. Befriend who you need to, do what ever it takes to get on that it list and if worse comes to worse stand outside and eavesdrop on the sights and sounds.

Stepping into fashion week like 😏 #HeadToToeRickOwens

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+ Watch your fav fashion movie until you can recite all the lines

Stay up all night with you and babe all cuddled up by the fire with all the classics on repeat. Sex and th city the devil wears Prada, confessions of a shopoholic find the one you like best and write down all of your favorite lines to use as Instagram captions and throw in to any given conversation. Your shopping pals will all get a kick out of your witty remarks and newfound understanding of the industry.

+ Steal a look straight off a mannequin

dressing head to toe in your favorite designer from a look straight off the runway is truly an experience in itself. I generally try not to mix match designers but if a certain brand, such as Amiri or Balmain has really perfected the art of creating the perfect fitting jean, I try to go to that particular designer for what they do best. I’ve noticed that Amiri shirts and swimwear don’t really have that same sense of magic, say as a brand like orlebar brown would. But whenever possible I try to stick with a particular brand and wear it straight down to socks and sometimes even underwear.

+ Have a photo shoot of your very own

hire your dream photographer, the one you see tagged on your favorite instagrammer. Go to the hairstylist of your dreams and have the full on dye job you always New you could pull off, that platinum blonde or even a touch of color, plan out every outfit perfectly or even hire a great stylist to assist along the way and help coordinate colors you may not typically integrate. Then step out in the trendiest most fashion forward part of town and just own it. Even if the shoot is just for your eyes only or knstagram or even to send out to potential modeling agencies, there’s nothing like the feeling of being able to put a professional photo on all your social profiles. Just don’t get in the habit of having every Instagram photo from now on taken by the pros;)


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